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30-12-20: Phones, Lateness and More Phones


I notified ACAS of my entitlement to holiday pay on Boxing Day because the Director would not put our agreement in writing before my limitation period ended. I did not want to formalise the process, but I could not rely on the Director to honour the agreement (and my legal entitlement). 

My main PA, who I will refer to as Morris and have had him for 5 years, is off this week after he got his paid holiday. His last shift was Sunday morning. My Support is, therefore, being delivered by the Director's son and DJ. Sunday was evening difficult.  I did not need to cook because I carried on eating my Christmas Dinner at lunch time. This created an opportunity to get some chores done. I like the Director's son. He's a good lad and is capable, but only when he is interested. Sunday was not one of those days. I could not get him off the phone and he was dragging his feet to avoid work.  I asked him to complete his timesheet twice, but he went on his phone for 10 minutes in between each request. I had done most of it for him because I was expecting this, but I did it for him in the end because I needed to get things done. I emailed his mother to let her know why I had done it.

Monday and Tuesday had the same problems. The Director's son was significantly late on both days. Tuesday was tough because he would not get off the phone. My shower got disrupted at least 5 times by Jeremy deciding what he wanted to listen to on YouTube. He also disappeared into the bedroom to go on his phone whilst I had a cup of tea. I finished at 13:30 and waited until 13:45 for his return just to see how long he would be attached to it.


However, things have improved since for him and DJ.  The only issue I have had is that, when I went into the kitchen and asked DJ to help me go to the toilet, I was greeted by his friend’s face on video cam on my worktop, which was a bit humiliating. DJ is a hard worker and usually does a good job, but phones are a big problem.