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Care in



Care in Covid is the working title of a collective poetry project gathering people's impressions and experiences of organising, giving and receiving personal assistance in the calamity of Covid-19. These creations can be positive, negative or indifferent.


The project wants submissions from anyone who can share these insights. Previous writing experience is absolutely not required. Raw and natural accounts are very much welcome along with more polished outputs. The project is particularly interested in the voices and stories of women, the gender, relationship and sexuality diversity (LGBTQ+ people), the working class, members of non-white communities, and disabled people.


The deadline for submission is the 31st August 2020.


I advise that you write with the fact that the public will read your submission in mind, but you can use a pen name if that is preferable. Your identity will not be disclosed if that is the case. You are giving me permission to store your personal data by making a submission. Any personal data you submit will be stored in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You are giving me permission to store and review those data solely for the purposes of checking entries, contacting authors, or for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

I will not keep data for longer than necessary or share your data without permission.


Intellectual Property

You remain the copyright holder when you submit entries to the project, but your submission is licensed to it under a Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA. The project and others, therefore, are able to edit and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you or your pen name and license their new creations under identical terms.  

You can withdraw your consent and have your content deleted at any time. The license you have granted the project will end.

More for information, concerns and withdrawal, email me at dh@danielholt.org. 


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