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CV&Essay Support

I have received support for my essay writings from Daniel over last couple of weeks. Daniel helped me to develop clearer arguments and structure. He also helped me with grammar. As a final year student in Politics at Queen Mary, University of London for which English is not my first language, I found that Daniel’s support allowed me to rapidly improve my work. Daniel helped me to express my argument in much more coherent and well-structured manner. I wish I had received Daniel’s support from first year, as I believe it would have increased my assessment outcome. In addition to being a great tutor, Daniel is a very intelligent, kind and friendly person, with whom I enjoy spending time.


Tornike Liparteliani, Student at Queen Mary, University of London (21st November 2014)

Daniel’s help in my essay writing has been of significant value and has really boosted my grades by giving a more comprehensive structure. As an English Literature student, I find it easy to talk about my ideas and be creative in my writing. Daniel has helped structure these thoughts and put ideas to paper in an academic style. He has appreciated time constraints for essays and has returned my work with plenty of opportunity for me to make the changes I need. I always feel confident and happy in my work now and Daniel has been a great help in giving me that confidence.


Lucy Daniels, TeachFirst Candidate (10th April 2017)