Frequently Asked Questons

Isn't a PA a kind of secretary?

Disabled people use the term Personal Assistant, to mean the person they choose to assist them to do the things they need help with. The term "Carer" is old fashion .


Can I only work certain days each week?

Normally, no. Scheduling the rota becomes difficult and I must make sure I have support. I accommodate requests, but you may need to cover for other people.


Can I do another job at the same time?

Probably. But we would need to discuss it. Other people have done part-time jobs, which have worked. It depends on the circumstances.

I have never done a job like this before. Does that matter?

Not having previous experience does not matter. You will learn through training. 


English is not my first language. Does that matter?

I have employed lots of people who have English as a second language, but you will need to understand my instructions.

There are some things in the job description I have not done before. Does that matter?

Not necessarily.  A willingness to try and to learn is most important.


Is this a full-time or part time job?

Part time. The number of hours will be discussed but you can expect 10 to 15 hours.


Do I need to do anything "medical"?

No. Everything you do for me is just doing physical things that I can't do for myself. Even helping me take medication is just putting it into my mouth.

Is there an induction period?

Yes., for the first three months. I will give you three-monthly reviews on top of  supervision. I will always give you feedback on how things are going.

I've never done "personal" things for someone else before. Isn't that a bit weird?

I have gotten used to it, and you will too.

Will I get any training?

Yes. You will be inducted period with training from other PAs.

Who is the employer?