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PA Recruitment: Working for Me 

IMG_g74yee resized.jpg

Thank you for being interested in working for me as a Personal Assistant ('PA').


I have created these pages to help you to apply for the PA role. There is a lot of information on these pages, but it is worth reading because it will help you understand the nature of the role and will save time with the application form and interviews. There are subpages with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), information about The Job and the Person Specification. There is also information on Applying.

I am a future pupil barrister at 39 Essex Chambers. I work with non-governmental organisations to contribute to the social good. NGOs campaign on important issues whether it be animal rights, human rights, environmental protection, access to justice and so on. Working for NGOs provides the opportunity to push for change. I am currently the Founding Chair of the Association of Disabled Lawyers. The Association exists to create a community and network for disabled lawyers. We want to make it known that you can practice law and be a disabled person. There are many obstacles that make entering the legal professions and maintaining a career difficult. We are a platform for sharing ideas for positive change. We also campaign for such changes to be put in place to give disabled lawyers and students more support in their careers and to remove unnecessary obstacles that make the professions inaccessible to disabled people. We share these ideas with other organisations that want to support us. We, as disabled people, also promote the rights of all disabled people. We have events that highlights issues relating to disability law and how the rights of disabled people can protected and strengthened.

I act and model with VisAble. I have had opportunities with international companies such as Invacare and national organisations like the National Union of Students.


This photo is me and my PA at the European Diversity Awards. Not all shifts are this fun, but there will be good times