Personal Specification

Your suitability for the role will be assessed against the following skills, knowledge, and experience. Previous experience of support, care or being a personal assistant is not required. You will be trained on the job. The most important things are a good attitude and ability to learn.


Essential skills and characteristics required from the start:

  1. You must be calm and patient and have a conscientious attitude.

  2. You must be able to listen to and then accept and follow instructions. This includes respecting my wishes and instruction.

  3. You must work attentively, effectively and efficiently.

  4. You must be punctual and reliable.

  5. You must have enough physical strength to safely assist with getting in and out of my wheelchair (I do not use a hoist, but I can bear weight through my legs).

  6. You must be comfortable assisting me with personal care/hygiene tasks, some of which are intimate in nature.

  7. You must communicate clearly in English and understand my instructions.

  8. You must meet all of the necessary legal requirements to work in the UK without restriction.

  9. You must have reasonable flexibility in terms of working hours, both from one day/week to another and also during the occasions when I need to travel away from home/London.

  10. You have to keep confidential all information you acquire through this role.

  11. You must be contactable at all times to enable me to contact you during working times, or if I need emergency cover.


Skills and abilities you will need to learn:

  1. An ability to assist me with exercises, stretching, and massage.

  2. A good level of competence at housework/laundry/ironing.

  3. To prepare and cook food.

  4. Basic skills in home DIY and wheelchair maintenance.

  5. Keeping your documents in good order.

  6. Write your timesheet and submit it on time.

  7. To assist me with caring for my cat.

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