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Thank you for visiting my website. 


I am an aspiring barrister and I have particular interests in discrimination, disability law, mental health law, LGBTQ rights, administrative law and UK, supranational and international human rights law, sharing media to distress, access to justice and the European Union. I actively support maintaining and the progression of equality and human rights law.


I have wanted a career at the bar since the age of 14 after deciding that being a police officer may not be viable for a wheelchair user. I have been on a journey since then, towards fulfilling this childhood dream, which was built upon a strong desire to help others achieve justice. Being a lawyer presents itself as also being an opportunity to help people find entitlement or redress in the complexities and technicalities of the law. Those who cannot fully understand and enforce the law can easily get entangled in its web and stranded in a situation without an obvious solution. A lawyer’s understanding of the law can make the difference allowing such individuals to continue with their lives.  I am also drawn to the profession because it has a social consciousness, a political awareness and a commitment to the betterment of society. I particularly support pro bono legal advice because it helps the vulnerable who cannot afford a lawyer.


I also enjoy working with non-governmental organisations for similar reasons. NGOs campaign on important issues whether it be animal rights, human rights, environmental protection, access to justice and so on. Working for NGOs provides the opportunity to push legislative reform so that the law can be changed to give added protection for people.


On this journey, I have undertaken several campaigns to improve accessibility at Queen Mary University of London, where I got my law degree. One led to an equality and diversity policy being enacted. Another was awarded as ‘Campaign of the Year 2013’ after leading to £400k being dedicated to improving accessibility on campus. He has also led teams that have published guidance on discrimination rights.


I also founded and direct Being Disabled in a Normal Society, which was set up as a blog discussing the issues faced by disabled people. It was expanded into a full website explaining disability rights and providing information regarding accessible venues, social events, sporting activities and holiday venues. In the near future, it will become a registered company that will allow BDNS to apply for funding to support our projects.


I have made good friends and enjoyed the full support of my family on this path for which I am grateful.

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