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“The transcript is very valuable as I had to share my time between work and activities with my daughter with autism and dyslexia. I am thinking to contact some of the passionate speakers and advocates for the great movement of integration of persons with disabilities and to ease their lives. I am preparing with ideas for the future of my daughter because I see myself supporting her instead of the society. And how many like me are outside …."

Diversity Network Participant (8th June 2022)

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us this afternoon. Really thought provoking to hear you articulate the questions that need to be asked which will hopefully encourage people not to settle for less than what they are striving for!”

Diversity Network Participant (8th June 2022)

Daniel was on the panel at a Law Society/RPC event looking at issues affecting disabled people.  As the Chair, it was very clear to me that what Daniel was saying was having a bit impact on the audience. He talked about his own experiences very openly and honestly, and was able to engage the audience easily and effectively.  He was also very funny and challenging.  Afterwards, so many people said how they were thinking about things that had not crossed their mind before. This was going to feed into their work to make the legal profession more inclusive – and that must be the best result for any event and panellist.  


Chris Seel, Diversity & Inclusion Adviser at The Law Society (13th March 2020)

Daniel took part in a lifestyle photoshoot for Invacare for a new product launch and was great to work with. He took direction very well and was relaxed throughout the shoot. Thank you for being part of the shoot Daniel, it was a pleasure to work with you.

Samantha Hatchett, Invacare EMEA Marketing Communications Executive


Daniel’s help in my essay writing has been of significant value and has really boosted my grades by giving a more comprehensive structure. As an English Literature student, I find it easy to talk about my ideas and be creative in my writing. Daniel has helped structure these thoughts and put ideas to paper in an academic style. He has appreciated time constraints for essays and has returned my work with plenty of opportunity for me to make the changes I need. I always feel confident and happy in my work now and Daniel has been a great help in giving me that confidence.


Lucy Daniels, TeachFirst Candidate (10th April 2017)

I have received support for my essay writings from Daniel over last couple of weeks. Daniel helped me to develop clearer arguments and structure. He also helped me with grammar. As a final year student in Politics at Queen Mary, University of London for which English is not my first language, I found that Daniel’s support allowed me to rapidly improve my work. Daniel helped me to express my argument in much more coherent and well-structured manner. I wish I had received Daniel’s support from first year, as I believe it would have increased my assessment outcome. In addition to being a great tutor, Daniel is a very intelligent, kind and friendly person, with whom I enjoy spending time.


Torniké Liparteliani, Student at Queen Mary, University of London (21st November 2014)

For the past year I have managed Daniel in his role as a Student Ambassador in the School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London. Daniel is clearly dedicated to the law and this shines through in the work he does for me. Whilst Daniel provides specialist tours - to those with disabilities interested in studying at QM - he is very comfortable working with a variety of people, from a range of different backgrounds. Not only is Daniel punctual and reliable, but he is also very informed about life on campus and the London legal community. I very much enjoy working with Daniel and am happy to recommend him to any employer who values intelligence, commitment and genuine enthusiasm in their staff.


Jo McCallum managed Daniel at Queen Mary, University of London (11th March 2013)

Dan is a friendly, approachable guy who offered to volunteer for Spokz People for a while. He helped to raise our profile by handing out leaflets, talking to people about our services and helping to spread the word on the internet. Dan has perseverence to achieve what he wants in life and I wish him every success with his law studies.


Melani Halacre, Disability Counsellor and Trainer at Spokz People (10th April 2012)

A keen student and an active member of the student body, Daniel has made great impressions on all those who meet him. It is clear that Daniel will achieve great things throughout his law degree, both on an academic and extra-curricular level.


Camilla Barker, Doctoral Candidate (Law) at the University of Oxford, studied with Daniel at Queen Mary, University of London (5th April 2012)


Daniel has been studying at Queen Mary since September 2011. He has been a very engaged member of the student body and has been instrumental in the establishment of the Ability Society, which is the College's first ever student-lead group for disabled students. That he has been able to do this whilst also studying for a Law degree and during a first year that has, at times, been quite challenging for reasons well beyond Daniel's control is testament to both his tenacity and his dedication to the endeavours that he is prepared to undertake. A further example of Daniel's pro-activity and energy is the work that he has undertaken for the School of Law in helping them run their departmental open days for prospective students.I look forward to working with Daniel on many more projects though the remainder of his time here at Queen Mary, University of London. 

Simon Jarvis, Head of Disability and Dyslexia Service at Queen Mary, University of London (5th April 2012)

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